True CompatibilityTrue Compatibility

True Compatibility

We work out the initial compatibility so that you don't have to.

We want to find someone who is truly compatible with you.

We don't rely on mumbo-jumbo like star signs or random, haphazard matching. Think of us like your best friend, the one who knows you inside out. One who makes sure that instead of you walking into a room of complete strangers, you walk into a room of familiar strangers - they'd already be handpicked by us, according to what we know of you.

For that we ran an exhaustive research across couples, singles and top relationship counsellors to understand what makes people tick and stick in this day and age, what they are looking for and the issues that come between them and what to do about it. We bring in this science to work the initial chemistry between you and who you should be with. Think of all the conversation starters once you already know who you'd be talking to. Works, right?

Our Compatibility Assessment Model